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GPS accessories

WayteQ car charger

WayteQ car charger with USB connection


Price: 1.900 Ft
Price without tax: 1.496 Ft

WayteQ GPS case 5"

High-quality carrying case to WayteQ PNA devices (x920, x920BT, x950, x950-HD x950BT, x950BT-HD, x990, x960BT, xTAB-50, x980BT GPS) Pearl exterior Canvas Hardened and for the...


Price: 1.600 Ft
Price without tax: 1.260 Ft

Product out of stock

WayteQ gps bracket (fixed in 4 points)

WayteQ gps bracket fixed in 4 points


Price: 1.200 Ft
Price without tax: 945 Ft

WayteQ cradle 5" for 3 point console

For models with 5" screen Match with 3 point console


Price: 900 Ft
Price without tax: 709 Ft

Product out of stock